Path of Gnostic Light

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Path of Gnostic Light

The Path of Gnostic Light is a new form of Gnosticism that was originated by a man known only as Master Leo, a resident of Macedonia. In the early 1980s, after a period of working with The Book of the Law, the holy book of the thelemic magick tradition, Master Leo claimed to have made contact with the entity Aiwaz, which he described as an energetic current, the same entity who had dictated The Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley early in the twentieth century. Aiwaz provided insight into the old magical formula Abrahadabra which gave rise to a set of magical techniques that connected the energy centers in the human body, the chakras, to the energies of Abrahadabra. The communication from Aiwaz led to the founding of the Path of Gnostic Light in 1985.

The Path of Gnostic Light was created as an outer order on April 16, 1985. Subsequently, Master Leo compiled the teachings of the order into a book, Knjiga Gnoze (Book of Gnosis), and published 121 copies, all of which were distributed in the former Yugoslavia. In the meantime, Master Leo had come into contact with Michael Bertiaux, a thelemic magician residing in Chicago, Illinois, who noted that while a new form of magical Gnostic teachings, Master Leo's perspective was very close to his own and that of Kenneth Grant, the head of the Ordo Templi Orientis organization based in London, England.

Following the opening of the Path of Gnostic Light, a set of inner orders were created. They include the Order of the Gnostic Black Serpent (for males), the Order of the Gnostic Black Dove (for females), the Order of the Gnostic Black Star (for both males and females) and a fourth order known only by its initials, P.O.K.A. Included in the work of these orders is the practice of left-hand tantra, that is, sex magick.

The teachings of the Path are a path of self-exploration that begins in the direct experience of one's personal nature and the destruction of the illusionary presentation of the mind about oneself. Following the Path leads to the complete identification of the self to the primal It. The teachings of the Path of Gnostic Light use the symbolism of the snake and the associated kundalini energy as central to its teachings. That symbol brings together such diverse esoteric teachings as the ancient cult of Orpheus and the modern Voudou cult of Damballah. Identification with the snake (and other animals on the astral plane) involves a magical transformation, a form of lycanthropy.

The Path of Gnostic Light has an Internet site at through which Master Leo in Macedonia and his representative in Canada may be contacted.


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