Ozanne, Charles E(ugene) (1865-1961)

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Ozanne, Charles E(ugene) (1865-1961)

History and philosophy teacher, who devoted many years to research in parapsychology after retirement from teaching. He was born April 14, 1865, in Cleveland, Ohio. Ozanne studied at Western Reserve University, Cleveland (B.A. 1889), Yale University (B.S.T. 1892), and Harvard University (M.A. 1895). He taught history and civics at Central High School, Cleveland, Ohio, until 1935. During those years he provided financial support for research in parapsychology at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, and after 1951 moved to Durham because of the research at the Parapsychology Laboratory.

In 1961, Ozanne founded the Psychical Research Foundation, Inc. at Durham, N.C. The foundation is an independent research organization concerned with mental, spiritual, or personality characteristics associated with survival after death. William G. Roll was director of the Foundation. Ozanne died April 5, 1961, at Durham, North Carolina.


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