Ordo Stellae et Serpente

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Ordo Stellae et Serpente

The Ordo Stellae et Serpente (Order of the Star and the Serpent) is a magical order in the thelemic tradition founded on June 21 (the summer solstice), 1999, in Sacramento, California. It is headed by several advanced teachers, Adepti of the "Inner Continuum," who serve as personal mentors of the order's newer members.

Neophytes begin their work with basic studies in occult wisdom, including instruction in gemantria, numerology, astrology, and tarot. They are introduced to the understanding of the universe symbolized in the cabalistic Tree of Life diagram, the body's subtle energy system centered in the chakras and the kundalini energy, and the basics of ceremonial magic. Neophytes are expected to develop a daily practice in meditation and ritual and to broaden their knowledge with reading in the literature of Western magic. During this training period, the Adepti provide personal guidance and offer discourses that may be experienced in person (for those who live in northern California) or online. Regular rituals are held in the temple of the order. Members at a geographical distance participate in their own personal temple at an astrologically coordinated time. The goal of the basic training is the initiate's becoming an independent practitioner of ceremonial magic while at the same time learning to work in concert with others. It is the belief that both solitary and group work is necessary in the present age.

It is also the belief of the order that magical work will lead to an awareness of the meta-dimensional harmonious Unity. Encounter with the Unity does not lead to absorption, but to a more clearly defined individual who also feels at One with the totality of the universe. It is the teaching of the order that magical activity does not make us more than human, but grants knowledge of what it means to be fully human.

Advanced students are free to explore the variety of distinct magical systems, from Enochian to Egyptian to Tantric and Thelemic. In the process, the initiate remembers him/herself as a Divine Being of his/her own creation. This realization provides the entrance into the mysteries of the Inner Order that guides the Ordo Stellae et Serpente, known as the Elect Order of Melchizedek.

The order may be contacted through its Internet site at http://members.aol.com/Yechidah37/ossintro.html. It does not ask for set dues, but is supported by the tithing and gifts of its members.


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