Ordinances on Veiling

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prohibitions on women in afghanistan.

The pamphlet Shariʿa Ordinances on Veiling (Fatawai-Sharaʿi dar Mawrid-i-Hijab) was issued in 1994 by the Afghan Supreme Court (Stera Mahkama) during the Islamic Government of Burhanuddin Rabbani (19921996). The pamphlet was signed by sixteen members of the Bureau of Jurisdiction and Deliberation (Riyasat-i-Ifta wa al-Mutaliʿat) of the Supreme Court. The last paragraph reads in part: "The Afghan nation fought for fourteen years and suffered enormous losses in order to free the country from the hands of the atheist [Communists] and reinstate Divine Ordinances. Now that this objective has been fulfilled by the Grace of the Almighty, . . . we urge that God's ordinances be carried out immediately, particularly those pertaining to the veiling of women. Women should be banned from working in offices and radio and television stations. Girls schools, which are in effect the hub of debauchery and adulterous practices, must be closed down.. . ." The ordinances required women to cover their face outside the home and not to leave their home without having a compelling reason and first obtaining their husband's permission. The wearing of noisy shoes, anklets, perfume, or any other embellishment that might attract a man's attention was prohibited. These ordinances were precursors to similar decrees issued later by the Taliban.

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Ordinances on Veiling

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