Office of Paranormal Investigations

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Office of Paranormal Investigations

The Office of Paranormal Investigations (OPI) is an organization focused upon scientific research on spontaneous occur-rences of psi phenomena, an area abandoned by most contemporary parapsychologists who concentrate on repeatable laboratory results. Of primary concern are sightings of ghosts, hauntings, and poltergeists, for which the office provides consulting services, especially to people who have been disturbed by such phenomena occurring in their homes or place of business. Though aware of the problems of proving scientifically the phenomena with which it is primarily concerned, OPI personnel attempt to assist people in understanding what is happening and if possible take steps to remove it. Most on-site investigations occur in the San Francisco Bay area, but OPI associates are located across the United States.

Founder and head of OPI is Lloyd Auerbach, best known for his writings, including three books, ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists (1986), Psychic Dreaming (1991), and Mind Over Matter (1996), and his regular column in FATE magazine. Auerbach is a graduate of Northwestern University (B.A., 1978) and JFK University (M.S. in parapsychology, 1981). Since 1983 he has been an adjunct professor at JFK University. He served as the president of the California Society for Psychical Research for four years (1988-1992), and in 1989 he became the president of the Assembly of American Magicians (the first person to serve as the head of both a professional magicians' association and a parapsychological research organization). He founded the Office of Paranormal Investigations in 1989.

OPI publishes a monthly newsletter, Invisible Signals. It maintains an Internet site at The office has no physical facilities but may be contacted through its website or telephone hotline.


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