Meehl, Paul E(verett) (1920-)

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Meehl, Paul E(verett) (1920-)

Professor of psychology who has written on parapsychology. He was born January 3, 1920, at Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was educated at the University of Minnesota (B.A. summa cum laude, 1941; Ph.D., 1945). Meehl joined the faculty of the psychology department at the University of Minnesota and served as its chair (1951-57); he was also a professor of clinical psychology with the University of Minnesota Medical School department of psychiatry beginning in 1951. He had his own private practice as a psychotherapist and was elected president of the American Psychological Association (1961-62).

Meehl had a continuing interest in parapsychology and belonged to the American Society for Psychical Research. He wrote various books and many articles on psychological subjects, as well as articles on the paranormal, which he attempted to integrate into his mainstream psychological insights.


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