Meek, Joseph

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Meek, Joseph

Meek, Joseph, German composer; b. probably in Knöringen, near Günzburg, 1690; d. Eichstätt, Dec. 2, 1758. Following training in Germany and Italy, he entered the service of the Eichstätt court as a violinist about 1711, where he later was made a chamber musician and valet (1714), Vice-Hofkapellmeister (1715), and Hofkapellmeister (1721). He was especially admired as a composer of instrumental music, producing finely honed works in the manner of Vivaldi. His opus 1 was the first publ. vol. of solo concertos by a German composer. In all, he composed 18 violin concertos and an oboe concerto.


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—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire