Meek, M(argaret) R(eid) D(uncan)

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MEEK, M(argaret) R(eid) D(uncan)

MEEK, M(argaret) R(eid) D(uncan). British, b. 1918. Genres: Mystery/ Crime/Suspense. Career: Shorthand typist, Glasgow, 1937-39, and Rolls Royce, Glasgow, 1939-44; clerical asst., Civil Services, Waltham Abbey, Essex, 1960-52; articled clerk, Smith and Harrison, Waltham Cross, Herts., 1962-70; solicitor, Macmillans, Wadebridge, Cornwall, 1970-78. Publications: With Flowers that Fell, 1983; The Sitting Ducks, 1984; Hang the Consequences, 1984; The Split Second, 1985; In Remembrance of Rose, 1987; A Worm of Doubt, 1987; A Mouthful of Sand, 1988; The Loose Connection, 1989; This Blessed Spot, 1991; Touch and Go, 1992; Postscript to Murder, 1996; A House to Die For, 1999; If You Go down to the Woods, 2001; The Vanishing Point, 2002. Address: Royal Herbert Pavillions, 16 Sutherland House, Gilbert Close, London SE18 4PS, England. Online address: [email protected]