Medvedev, Roy (Alexandrovich)

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MEDVEDEV, Roy (Alexandrovich)

MEDVEDEV, Roy (Alexandrovich). Russian (born Georgia), b. 1925. Genres: History, Literary criticism and history. Career: Politics/Government, Sociology, Biography. School Teacher, Sverdlovsk region, USSR, 1952-54; School Director, Leningrad region, USSR; Deputy Ed.-in-Chief, Prosveshchenie Publishing House, 1957-60; Head of Dept. of Vocational Education, Research Institute of Education, Moscow, 1961-71; member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 1989-91. Publications: Let History Judge, 1971; (with Z.A. Medvedev) Questions of Madness, 1971; On Socialist Democracy, 1975; (with Z.A. Medvedev) Khrushchev: The Years in Power, 1976; Political Essays, 1976; Problems in the Literary Biography of Mikhail Sholokhov, 1977; (ed.) Samizdat Register, 2 vols., 1977-80; The October Revolution, 1979; On Stalin and Stalinism, 1979; On Soviet Dissent, 1980; Nikolai Bukharin: The Last Years, 1980; Leninism and Western Socialism, 1981; All Stalin's Men, 1983; Khrushchev, 1983; An End to Silence: Uncensored Opinion in the Soviet Union; 1984; China and the Superpowers, 1986; (with G. Chiesa) Time of Change, 1990; Brezhnev: A Political Biography, 1991; Post-Soviet Russia, 2000; (with Z.A. Medvedev) The Unknown Stalin, 2001; Putin, 2002. Author of professional and general articles. Address: Abonement Post Box 258, 125475 Moscow A-475, Russia.