Medtner, Nicolai (Karlovich)

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Medtner, Nicolai (Karlovich) [ Nikolay Medtner] (b Moscow, 1880; d London, 1951). Russ. composer and pianist. Prof. at Moscow Cons. 1902–3, 1909–10 and 1914–21. Left Russ. 1921, living in Ger. and France and touring as virtuoso pianist. Amer. début 1924 with Philadelphia Orch. Wrote much pf. mus.; was influenced by Ger. romanticism. Wrote book, 1935, opposing modern innovations and affirming faith in tonality. Wrote 3 pf. concs. (1914–18, 1920–7, 1940–3); 9 pf. sonatas (1896–1935); many genre pieces for pf., e.g. series called 34 Fairy-Tales (1905–29); and many songs. Settled in Eng. 1935. Patronized by Maharajah of Mysore.