Medhurst, R. G. (1920-1971)

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Medhurst, R. G. (1920-1971)

British writer on parapsychology and a leading member of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London. He was attracted to psychical research after hearing some of S. G. Soal 's lectures on the subject. Medhurst's degree in mathematics and his outstanding work in mathematical engineering were of special value in evaluating the mathematical aspects of ESP. His paper "On the Origin of the Prepared Random Numbers Used in the Shackleton Experiments" (1971) was undertaken to defend Soal's reputation, but instead Medhurst discovered flaws in his mentor's work, and he concluded that the common method of constructing quasi-random series in parapsychology was incorrect. Medhurst's work led eventually to Soal's illegitimate manipulation of data being discovered.

Medhurst also contributed work on such subjects as the investigation of Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset and Duke University's ESP cards. He discussed one project to discover ESP agents and percipients and wrote a number of book reviews. He headed the SPR's library committee.


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Medhurst, R. G. (1920-1971)

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