Martiny, M(arcel) (1897-?)

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Martiny, M(arcel) (1897-?)

Physician with special interests in parapsychology. He was born on November 11, 1897, in Nice, France, and studied at the Faculté de Médecine, Université de Paris (M.D. with honors, 1925). He worked for the Rockefeller Institute Mission during World War I and was employed at Beaujon Hospital (1925-32), Léopold Bellan Hospital, Paris (1933-45), and Hospital Foch in the years after the war. From 1949 on he was director of the Anthropotechnical Laboratory, Prophylactic Institute, Paris.

Other appointments include secretary-general, Medico-Surgical Society of the Free Hospitals of France (1932); president of National Union of Physicians, Surgeons, and Specialists of the Free Hospitals of France (1948); president of Physiopsychology Society (1958); and member of Paris Medical Society.

Martiny wrote various medical works and co-authored, with Alexis Carrel, Médecine officielle et médecine hérétique (Orthodox and Unorthodox Medicine). He also spent many years investigating human bio-types in relation to parapsychological phenomena; parapsychology in relation to psychoanalysis; hypnosis and Pavlov's nervous typology in relation to parapsychology; relationships between neurology, cerebral function, and parapsychology; and space-time concepts in parapsychology. His articles on such subjects have been published in Revue Métapsychique. He also contributed papers to international conferences on parapsychology (Utrecht, 1953; St. Paul de Vence, 1954). He was selected president of Institute Métapsychique in 1962.


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Martiny, M(arcel) (1897-?)

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