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Le Monde de L'Inconnu

Le Monde de L'Inconnu is the primary French-language newsstand magazine concerned with the paranormal. Subtitled "Le magazine de l'histories et de la recherche spirituelle," it was launched in Paris, France, at the beginning of the 1980s as Le Monde Inconnu. Known as simply L'Iconnu through the 1990s, it adopted its present name with issue 275 at the beginning of 1999.

Le Monde de L'Inconnu covers the full range of occult and New Age topics from magic and psychic phenomena to UFOs and ancient mysteries. It has paid special attention to myths of the Templars, France being the country in which the Neo-Templar Movement (the movement founded in the years following the French Revolution claiming historic continuity with the medieval Order of Templars) has its most expansive presence.

Each issue carries a set of feature articles, each of which is drawn from a different area of concern such as divination, the practice of theurgy, prophecy, cryptozoology, or mythology. In addition there is extensive coverage of late-breaking news in the field, and in recent years a column reviewing paranormal sites on the Internet has been added. Limited coverage is given to upcoming events of relevant interest.

Le Monde de L'Inconnu is currently published monthly from editorial offices at the Société de Presse Esotérique, PB 3312, 06206 Nice cedex 2, France, under the guidance of Alain Finzi, its publication director, and Alain Continmi, its editor-in-chief. It is distributed throughout the French-speaking world, primarily France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec.


Le Monde L'Inconnu. Nice, France. N.p.

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Le Monde de L'Inconnu

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