Greenwood, Joseph Albert (1906-1988)

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Greenwood, Joseph Albert (1906-1988)

Mathematician who worked in the field of parapsychology. He was born September 18, 1906, at Breckenridge, Missouri, and studied at the University of Missouri (B.A., 1927; M.A., 1929; Ph.D., 1931).

He was an instructor and later an assistant professor of mathematics at Duke University (1930-42). While there he worked with J. B. Rhine, who recruited him to provide the statistical work for his research on parapsychology. Greenwood emerged as a major spokesperson answering criticisms of the statistical work being carried on at Duke, about which he wrote a number of articles. After the war began in 1942, he left Duke to serve in the United States Navy (1942-46). He spent his postwar career working for the U.S. government. He became a charter associate of the Parapsychological Association.


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Greenwood, Joseph Albert (1906-1988)

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