Greenwood, Ted

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GREENWOOD, Ted. (Edward Alister Greenwood). Australian, b. 1930. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction. Career: Primary sch. teacher, Melbourne, 1948-56; Lecturer in art education, Melbourne Teachers' College, 1956-60, and Toorak Teachers' College, Melbourne, 1960-68. Publications: Obstreperous, 1969; Alfred, 1970; V.I.P.: Very Important Plant, 1971; Joseph and Lulu and the Prindiville House Pigeons, 1972; Terry's Brrrmmm GT, 1974; The Pochetto Coat, 1978; Ginnie, 1979; Curious Eddie, 1979; The Boy Who Saw God, 1980; Everlasting Circle, 1981; Flora's Treasures, 1982; Marley and Friends, 1983; (with S. Fennessy) Warts and All, 1984; Ship Rock, 1985; (with Fennessy) I Don't Want to Know, 1986; Windows, 1989; Uncle Theo Is a Number Nine, 1990; (with P. Jennings and T. Denton) Spooner Later, 1992; (with P Jennings and Denton) Duck For Cover, 1994; The Ventriloquist, 1994; (with P.Jennings and T. Denton), Freeze a Crowd, 1996; What do we do With Dawson, 1996; After Dusk, 1997. Address: 50 Hilton Rd, Ferny Creek, VIC 3786, Australia.