Glastonbury Zodiac

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Glastonbury Zodiac

One of the strangest features of legend-haunted Glaston-bury in Britain is the so-called zodiac formation of earthworks, field tracks, river banks, and other ground markings over an area of some 30 miles, resembling a gigantic star map. An early mention of the Glastonbury zodiac was made by John Dee, famous Elizabethan scholar and occultist, but it was not until comparatively recent times that the subject was examined in detail.

In her book A Guide to Glastonbury's Temple of the Stars (1929), Katherine E. Maltwood maps a giant zodiac from the features of the Glastonbury landscape with additional features suggestive of symbols of the Holy Grail tradition.

Although this theory has been received with some skepticism, aerial surveys have tended to support the ground markings as suggestive of a zodiac.

(See also leys )


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