Gallagher, Danny

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Gallagher, Danny

Irish healer, the seventh son of a seventh son, and thus, according to folk tradition, destined to heal by touch. Although aware of this tradition, Gallagher did not attempt to practice healing until 1974, when he was working as an ice cream vendor in Coalisland, Northern Ireland. He had often saved an ice cream for a young girl who was paralyzed from the waist down. One day the girl was late in meeting the ice cream van, and Gallagher had a sudden premonition that he should help the child. He entered the house of her parents and told them he believed he could cure the girl. He succeeded, and when the news spread rapidly, Gallagher was overwhelmed by requests from scores of sick people for his healing touch. He sold his ice cream van and began a new life as a healer.

At the beginning of his ministry thousands of invalids traveled miles and waited in line for hours to spend just a few moments with the healer. Many remarkable cures have been claimed. Invalids have stood up from their wheelchairs and walked, terminal cancer patients have recovered, the deaf have regained hearing, and the blind have recovered their sight. For example, Jean Pritchett had been blind for 22 years, and a specialist had even recommended removal of one of her eyes. Jean's brother Peter went to a faith healing meeting in Birmingham, England, and just happened to take Jean along with him. After treatment by Gallagher, Jean recovered her sight.

Gallagher's healing technique normally involves three sessions with a patient. In the first session he lays his hands on the afflicted part of the body and requests that the patient bring soil from consecrated ground for the second visit. On that visit he "blesses" the soil and asks the patient to mix it with water and bathe the troubled area with it. On the third visit the treatment is normally completed.

Danny does not consider what he does healing by faith. Rather, he observes, "A person can come with faith in me, or God, or themselves, or none at all. It doesn't matter." He says he believes he acts only as a channel for divine healing power.

After traveling through Ireland, England, Australia, and the United States giving healing sessions, Gallagher set up a clinic at the house of his friends Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shannon at 49 Crouch Hill, Finsbury Park, London, N4. His address in Ireland is 122 Glen Rd., Maghera, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland.