Flat Earth Research Society International

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Flat Earth Research Society International

Organization founded in 1800. Members were individuals whose outlook was zetetic, or characterized by a seeking for truth and the denial of "imaginary" theories. They relied only on provable knowledge and consequently believed that the "spinning ball" theory regarding Earth was absurd and that, in reality, the Earth was flat and infinite in size. Members maintained that Australia was not under the world; Australians did not hang by their feet, nor did ships sail over the edge of the world to get there. They also asserted that continental drift was really the result of the earth and water being "shaken asunder by God."

The society gathered information, disseminated the results of its findings, and sought to "push forth the frontiers of knowledge in geophysical matters."

The society conducted research programs, confered a Seeker for Truth Award, and published the Flat Earth News. Last known address: Box 2533, Lancaster, CA 93539.


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