Dommeyer, Frederick C(harles) (1909-1988)

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Dommeyer, Frederick C(harles) (1909-1988)

Professor of philosophy and writer on parapsychology and philosophy. Dommeyer was born January 12, 1909, in Warrington, Florida. He studied at Union College, Schenectady, New York (B.A., 1932), and Brown University (M.A., 1935; Ph.D., 1937) and did postgraduate study at Oxford and Hamburg Universities. His professional career began as an instructor at Brown (1937-38) followed by 20 years at Syracuse University (1938-58), during which time he served as head of the philosophy department for 14 years (1944-58). He then moved to San Jose State College as head of the department of philosophy.

During his career, Dommeyer wrote several books and a number of articles for professional journals on philosophy. He also wrote articles on parapsychology, primarily for the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research. He was a member of the board of review of Psychic, and the California Parapsychology Research Group.

Dommeyer died on July 24, 1988, in California.


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Dommeyer, Frederick C(harles) (1909-1988)

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