Cosmic Awareness Communications

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Cosmic Awareness Communications

Cosmic Awareness Communications is a channeling group that originated in 1962 when a voice describing itself as "From Cosmic Awareness" began to speak through William Ralph Duby. Duby, a former Army officer, had emerged as a medium and a small group had gathered around him. When the group asked who or what "Cosmic Awareness" was, it replied that it was "total mind that is not any one mind, but is from the Universal Mind that does not represent any unity other than that of universality." The group collected the words spoken by "Cosmic Awareness." In 1963 the voice gave instructions for the formation of an Organization of Awareness. The heart of the organization was seen as the 144 entities on the inner plane known as Essence, while the outer structure facilitated the dissemination of the words of "Cosmic Awareness" to the public.

The teachings of "Cosmic Awareness" were summarized in a set of laws and precepts. The universal law is the awareness that each living thing has the power to gather all things necessary for its life. The law of love places the welfare of others above one's own. It refuses to recognize the existence of evil. The law of mercy allows one to forgive all errors. The law of gratitude recognizes the sense of satisfaction from receiving a reward for energy expended.

Following Duby's death in 1967 there was a period of turmoil, and the organization splintered. Of the resulting groups, the largest and most stable is Cosmic Awareness Communications. It recognized a new channel, Paul Shockley, through whom "Cosmic Awareness" continues to speak. Through Shockley, "Cosmic Awareness" suggested that the Organization of Awareness had already accomplished a vast shift of consciousness, a return to the Godhead, which had been willed thousands of years previously by Essence. The return to the Godhead is equated with the return of Lucifer, the fallen angel of light.

Cosmic Awareness Communications may be contacted at Box 115, Olympia, WA 98707. It issues a periodical, Revelation of Awareness, and has a number of transcripts of channeling sessions available.


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