Chapter 8: Making the Connection

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Making the Connection


The act of calling upon or appealing to a higher power such as a deity, spirit, or God for assistance. A form of prayer, inviting God's presence, at the beginning of a ceremony or meeting. In black magic, can be the casting of a spell or formula to invite an evil spirit to appear.


The food miraculously supplied to the Israelites by God, according to the Old Testament, as they wandered in the wilderness during their flight from Egypt. Spiritual nourishment or something of value received of divine origin or unexpectedly.


From the Greek sarx meaning "flesh," and Greek sarkophogos, literally meaning "flesh-eater." Originally a kind of limestone that had properties to aid in the rapid decomposition of the deceased bodies and was used in the making of coffins. Eventually came to mean any stone coffin, especially one with inscriptions or decorated with sculpture and used as a monument.

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Chapter 8: Making the Connection

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Chapter 8: Making the Connection