Chapter 7: Making the Connection

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Making the Connection


Someone who has an ability or insight to perceive or see objects, events or actions in a supernatural way, beyond the normal senses.


From the Greek kosmos meaning "order, universe, ornament." The entire universe as regarded in an orderly, harmonious and integrated whole.


From late Latin deitas "divine nature," and deus "god." A divine being or somebody or something with the essential nature of a divinity, such as a god, goddess.

The Dispersion

From the Greek diaspora meaning to scatter or disperse. Refers to the period in history when the Jewish people were forced to scatter in countries outside of Palestine after the Babylonian captivity.


A method of divining or telling the future by examining the entrails of animals.


From Greek horoskopos, literally meaning "time observer" and from hora meaning "time, or hour," referring to the time of birth. A diagram or astrological forecast based on the relative position in the heavens of the stars and planets in the signs of the zodiac, at any given moment, but especially at the moment of one's birth.


From the Greek neophutos meaning "newly planted." A person who is a new convert to a religion or religious community. Somebody who is a beginner at an endeavor or task.


From Middle English, literally meaning "somebody who speaks the truth." Someone who claims to have the ability to foretell future events.

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Chapter 7: Making the Connection

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Chapter 7: Making the Connection