Bonati (or Bonatus), Guido (d. 1300)

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Bonati (or Bonatus), Guido (d. 1300)

Florentine astrologer who flourished in the thirteenth century. He lived in a most original manner and perfected the art of prediction. When the army of Martin IV besieged Forli, a town of the Romagna that was defended by the count of Mont-ferrat, Bonati announced to the count that he would repulse the enemy but would be wounded in the fray. The event transpired as Bonati had predicted, and the count, who had taken with him the necessary materials to staunch his wound in case the prophecy came true, became a devout adherent of astrology.

Bonati became a Franciscan toward the close of his life and died in 1300. His works were published by Jacobus Cauterus under the title Liber Astronomicus at Augsberg, 1491. Another Florentine astrologer of the same name died 1596.

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