Bleksley, Arthur Edward Herbert (1908-1984)

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Bleksley, Arthur Edward Herbert (1908-1984)

South African professor of applied mathematics and lecturer on science and parapsychology. Born April 27, 1908, in East Griqualand, South Africa, he had a distinguished academic career, becoming professor of applied mathematics at Zeiss Planetarium, Witwatersrand University, and president of South African Association for the Advancement of Sciences. He also became director of the South African Institute for Parapsychological Research, Johannesburg.

He conducted investigations into ESP, telepathy in the classroom situation, and random-number tables. He published various articles on parapsychology, especially on extrasensory perception during sleep. He has been credited with raising the status of parapsychcology in South Africa, and toward the end of his life he was given the Willliam McDougall Award for Distinguished Work in Parapsychology. In addition to various textbooks, he published The Secret of the Atom Bomb (1945) and Travellers through Space (1962).


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