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Taccaceae A family of tropical, perennial, rhizomatous herbs in which the large, simple or lobed leaves are radical and often on long petioles. The regular, bisexual flowers are held in umbels subtended by long and broad bracts, which often form an involucre below the inflorescence. The sepals and petals are similar, and are held in 2 series of 3 segments fused to form a broad, bulbous tube to which the 6 stamens are attached (epipetalous). The ovary is inferior, of 3 fused carpels forming a single locule with numerous ovules. The style is short, with 3 stigmas. The fruit is a berry with many seeds, which have much endosperm. There are 2 genera, 1 monotypic, separated by their leaf and fruit characteristics. There are 31 species, found throughout tropical regions.