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Stackhousiaceae A family of xerophytic, annual or perennial herbs which have a branched rhizome system. The leaves are simple and alternate, with stipules, and are often succulent or leathery. The flowers are regular and bisexual, and are held in racemes or clusters spread along the stem. There are 5 fused sepals forming a lobed calyx tube, with 5 petals, either free or partly fused, and 5 stamens which usually alternate in length. The ovary is superior with 2–5 uniovular locules. The styles are partially fused. The fruit is a schizocarp which splits along the locule partitions into single-seeded segments. The seeds contain a large embryo and fleshy endosperm. There are 3 genera, with 28 species, restricted in distribution to Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.