Boguslavsky, Palm Heinrich Ludwig von

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Boguslavsky, Palm Heinrich Ludwig von

(b. Magdeburg, Prussia, 7 September 1789; d. Breslau, Prussia, 5 June 1851)


The son of a Prussian captain, Boguslavsky attended the Dom School in Magdeburg, then entered the Prussian military service; after military training he took part in the campaign against Napoleon in 1813–1815. After his discharge he lived on his estate in Silesia, where, as an amateur, he occupied himself with astronomical observations. In 1831 he became a senior astronomer at the astronomical observatory in Breslau; in 1836 he was appointed extraordinary professor at the University of Breslau, and in 1843 became director of the astronomical observatory there. He was concerned primarily with the observations and orbit computation of comets, meteor groups, planets, and solar eclipses, and he also contributed to the Berliner academischen Sternkarten.

His son Heinrich George (1827–1884) was an oceanographer and hydrographer in Berlin.


Biographical articles on Boguslavsky are in Allgemeine deutsche Biographic, III, 58; and Poggendorff, I, 225.

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