Bogrov (Beharav), Grigori Isaakovich

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BOGROV (Beharav), GRIGORI ISAAKOVICH (1825–1885), author and journalist. The son of a Poltava rabbi, Bogrov was an extreme assimilationist: his Orthodox upbringing and the life of Russian Jewry in the 1830s–1840s were reflected negatively in Zapiski yevreya (1871–73; Memoiren eines Juden, 1880). He was the effective editor of Russkiy yevrey, later working on Razsvet and Voskhod, and wrote several works of socio-historical interest on Russo-Jewish life, such as the novel Yevreyskiy manuskript (1876; Heb. tr., Ketav-Yad Ivri, 1900), on the *Chmielnicki massacres of 1648–49. Bogrov converted to Christianity shortly before his death.