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head·er / ˈhedər/ • n. 1. Soccer a shot or pass made with the head. 2. inf. a headlong fall or dive. 3. a brick or stone laid at right angles to the face of a wall. Compare with stretcher (sense 4). 4. a line or block of text appearing at the top of each page of a book or document. Compare with footer (sense 2). 5. (also header tank) a raised tank of water maintaining pressure in a plumbing system. 6. a beam crossing and supporting the ends of joists, studs, or rafters.

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headerbedder, cheddar, Edda, Enzedder, header, Kedah, shedder, shredder, spreader, tedder, threader, treader, Vedda •elder, Griselda, welder, Zelda •addenda, agenda, amender, ascender, attender, bender, blender, Brenda, contender, corrigenda, descender, engender, extender, fazenda, fender, gender, Glenda, Gwenda, hacienda, Länder, lender, mender, offender, pudenda, recommender, referenda, render, sender, slender, spender, splendour (US splendor), surrender, suspender, tender, Venda, weekender, Wenda •parascender • bartender •homesteader • newsvendor •spot-welder •abrader, Ada, blockader, crusader, dissuader, evader, fader, grader, Grenada, invader, masquerader, Nader, parader, persuader, raider, Rigveda, Seder, serenader, trader, upgrader, Veda, wader •attainder, remainder •rollerblader •Aïda, bleeder, Breda, breeder, cedar, conceder, corrida, Derrida, Elfreda, Etheldreda, feeder, follow-my-leader, interceder, interpleader, kneader, leader, Leda, Lieder, misleader, pleader, reader, seceder, seeder, speeder, stampeder, succeeder, weeder •fielder, midfielder, wielder, yielder •outfielder • bandleader • ringleader •cheerleader • copyreader •mind-reader • sight-reader •stockbreeder • proofreader •newsreader

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header Some coded information that precedes a more general collection of data and gives details about it.

The header of a data-structure representation is logically distinct from the data elements themselves and may serve several purposes:

(a) to hold global information about the whole structure, e.g. list length, array index bounds;

(b) to represent an empty structure;

(c) to provide links into the structure, e.g. pointers to first and last nodes in a list;

(d) to represent the entire structure in any other data structures of which it may be a part.

In networking, the header (or head) of a cell or packet is the part that holds routing and control information used to control the passage of the cell or packet across a network.

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header. Brick or stone with its longer dimension buried within the wall and the smaller face exposed. See also brick.

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