Headless Body in Topless Bar

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Headless Body in Topless Bar ★★½ 1996

Based on a famous New York Post headline and the crime that inspired it, this black comedy contains more than its lurid title lets on. Except for street footage at the opening and closing, the entire movie is set in a seedy strip club. After shooting the bartender in a robbery attempt, a crazed ex-con holds the patrons and employees hostage. He forces them to play a mind game called “Nazi truth,” revealing the distasteful truth about the captives. Director Bruce and screenwriter Koper first worked together filming re-creations for “America's Most Wanted.” The cast worked for “hostage scale,” meaning if those playing captives stole the gun from the robber (a plot point), they got his pay for the day. If not, then he got their wages. 105m/C VHS, DVD . Raymond J. Barry, Jennifer MacDonald, David Selby, Taylor Nichols, Paul Williams, Biff Yeager, Rustam Branaman, April Grace; D: James Bruce; W: Peter Koper; C: Kevin Morrisey; M: Charles P. Barnett.