views updated May 29 2018

chassis In general, a mechanical system that is designed to provide a supporting and/or enclosing medium for an item of electronic equipment. The system may be equipped with supporting structures to carry standard-sized circuit boards in addition to a motherboard or backplane into which the boards are inserted and connected via sockets. Alternatively the individual components may be hardwired onto tag strips attached to the chassis.

For safety reasons the metal parts of most chassis are permanently connected to a local zero-voltage reference or ground. In some equipment, however, it is more convenient (but potentially dangerous) to connect the chassis to one side of the a.c. or d.c. line (mains) supply; the equipment is then said to have a hot (or live) chassis. The chassis may also be left unconnected or floating.


views updated May 21 2018

chas·sis / ˈchasē; ˈshasē/ • n. (pl. same ) the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance. ∎  the outer structural framework of a piece of audio, radio, or computer equipment.


views updated May 23 2018

chassis †window-frame, SASH XVII; base-frame of a carriage XIX. — F. châssis :- Rom. *capsīcium, f. L. capsa CASE 2.