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teleconferencing A computer-based system enabling users to participate in an activity, such as the management of a complex project, despite being separated in space and/or time. Users will typically be provided with access to a computer terminal, which will allow them to communicate with other members of their team, often but not necessarily simultaneously. Data communication lines are used to transmit the conference information between participants. The system is controlled by a “manager” whose function is to organize the participants and allow them access to the conference and to transmit their inputs to other members.

Some teleconferencing systems enable conference participants to “see” each other (see videoconferencing), but other systems use very simple terminals and can only communicate using the written word. A conference log will be maintained by the system to keep a record of all activity in the conference, and can be displayed for reference by the participants.

views updated

tel·e·con·fer·ence / ˈteləˌkänf(ə)rəns/ • n. a conference with participants in different locations linked by telecommunications devices. • v. [intr.] participate in a teleconference: he teleconferenced with everyone who had been in attendance. DERIVATIVES: tel·e·con·fer·enc·ing / ˌteləˈkänf(ə)rənsing/ n.

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