views updated May 18 2018

cy·clic / ˈsīklik; ˈsik-/ • adj. 1. occurring in cycles; regularly repeated: the cyclic pattern of the last two decades. ∎  Math. (of a group) having the property that each element of the group can be expressed as a power of one particular element. ∎  relating to or denoting a musical or literary composition with a recurrent theme or structural device.2. Math. of or relating to a circle or other closed curve. ∎  Geom. (of a polygon) having all its vertices lying on a circle. ∎  Chem. (of a compound) having a molecular structure containing one or more closed rings of atoms. ∎  Bot. (of a flower) having its parts arranged in whorls.DERIVATIVES: cy·cli·cal adj. (in sense 1).cy·cli·cal·ly / -ik(ə)lē/ adv.