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Cyborgs are human beings who have technical parts attached to their bodies on a semipermanent or permanent basis to enhance their capabilities. The term cyborg was first used in science fiction literature and refers to a convergence of human and robotic life forms; it can also be used to describe someone enmeshed in the World Wide Web. In Artificial Intelligence, the term is used to define people who wear ubiquitous computer parts (chips, storage, processors, etc.) hidden in clothes, as well as people with special glasses that enable them to be constantly online. Often the term raises fears as cyborgs challenge the boundaries of the human-machine interaction and thus our human uniqueness.

See also Artificial Intelligence; Artificial Life; Cybernetics; Technology

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Cyborg ★ 1989 (R)

In a deathly, dirty, post-holocaust urban world, an able cy-borg battles a horde of evil mutant thugs. Poorly made action flick. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Jean-Claude Van Damme, Deborah Richter, Vincent Klyn, Dayle Haddon, Alex Daniels, Terrie Bat-son, Janice Graser, Jackson “Rock” Pinckney; D: Albert Pyun; W: Kitty Chalmers; C: Philip Alan Waters; M: Kevin Bassinson.