Cyborg 2

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Cyborg 2 ★★ Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow 1993 (R)

In the year 2074 cyborgs have replaced humans at all levels. A devious company which manufactures cyborgs decides to get rid of its chief competition by literally killing them off. They plan to inject cyborg Cash Reese (Jolie) with a liquid explosive that will detonate her and everything else in sight. Tech-master Mercy (Palance) clues Cash in and she escapes with the help of the human Colton (Ko-teas) but they've become prey to a group of ruthless hunters. 99m/C VHS, DVD . Angeli-na Jolie, Elias Koteas, Jack Palance, Billy Drago; D: Michael Schroeder; W: Michael Schroeder, Mark Geldman, Ron Yanover; C: Jamie Thompson; M: Peter Allen.