Zukerman, Jacob T.

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ZUKERMAN, JACOB T. (1907–1973), U.S. judge and labor leader. Born in Brooklyn, to immigrant parents from Minsk, Russia, Zukerman accompanied his parents as a child to Arbeiter Ring meetings, Socialist Party affairs, and Jewish gatherings. As early as 1926, he organized the Young Circle League of the Arbeiter Ring, which influenced many future leaders of the parent organization and of related groups. In 1954, he was elected the first American-born president of the Ring. In 1929, Zukerman graduated from New York University's School of Law. From 1932 to 1946 he was administrative assistant to the commissioner of welfare of New York City, and he was for many years director of the National Desertion Bureau (later the Family Location Service) of the Federation of Jewish Charities (1946–65). In 1965, Mayor Robert R. Wagner appointed him a judge of the Family Court for a ten-year term.

Zukerman had a deep and pervasive influence on English-speaking Jews whom he attracted to the Arbeiter Ring. He was deeply devoted to all aspects of Jewish life and culture, and was known for his humane spirit and his eagerness to serve and advance Jewish causes and the interests of the State of Israel. He was for many years president of the Jewish Labor Committee, a position he held at the time of his death. He was also president of the Forward Association which publishes the Yiddish newspaper the Jewish Daily Forward, a member of the Board of the United hias Service, a leader in various ort agencies, and one of the founding directors of the Cooperative Seward Park Housing Corporation.

[Milton Ridvas Konvitz (2nd ed.)]