Zuckermandel, Moses Samuel

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ZUCKERMANDEL, MOSES SAMUEL (1836–1917), rabbi and researcher in tannaitic literature. Born in Ungarisch-Brod (Uhersky Brod), Moravia, Zuckermandel studied under Samson Raphael *Hirsch at Nikolsburg (Mikulov) and later at the rabbinical seminary (see *Juedisch-Theologisches Seminar) and the University of Breslau. From 1864 to 1897 he was a rabbi of various congregations, and from 1898 he served as rabbi at the Mora-Leipziger Foundation in Breslau. His life work was the scientific edition of the *Tosefta (according to the Mss. of Erfurt and Vienna (third part), and printed texts, 881–82, second ed. with supplement by S. Lieberman (1937), reprinted with additions (1970)) which, despite its deficiencies, represented a great advance in its time. Zuckermandel was of the opinion that the Tosefta was in fact only a remnant of a great Palestinian *Mishnah (to which the Palestinian amoraim resorted) that had remained after the Babylonian * amoraim had removed part of it, adapted it, and called it the Mishnah. This was rightly rejected by A. *Schwarz and others.

His writings include Die Erfurter Handschrift de-Tossefta (1876); Spruchbuch (vols. 1–2, 1889–90); Tosefta, Mischna, und Boraitha (vols. 1–2, and supplement, 1908–10); Gesammelte Aufsaetze (vols. 1–2, 1911–13); and Festpredigten (vols. 1–2, 1915). In 1915 his autobiography Mein Lebenslauf appeared.


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