Ẓevi Hirsch of Nadworna

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ẒEVI HIRSCH OF NADWORNA (second half of the 18th century), ethical writer. Ẓevi Hirsch, who was av bet din of the community of Nadworna (Nadvornaya), Galicia, wrote a short ethical treatise, Otiyyot Maḥkimot ("Instructive Letters"), which consists of ethical advice arranged according to the letters of the alphabet.

The work was first published in Breznitz in 1796, but in an incomplete form; a second edition appeared in Nowy Dwor in 1799. In his preface to the corrected edition Ẓevi Hirsch's son explained that the first edition did not represent an accurate version of the original work, and that he was therefore republishing it from the actual manuscript of his father; he also added an appendix, Millei de-Avot, an ethical commentary on Avot.


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