Zeus and Roxanne

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Zeus and Roxanne ★★ 1996 (PG)

Hey, I know! Let's combine “Flipper” and “Benji” with “The Parent Trap!” You know, for the kids! Marine biologist and single mom Mary Beth (Quinlan) meets her unconventional (and conveniently widowed) new neighbor Terry (Guttenberg) and his dog Zeus. Cuteness ensues. Mary Beth's daughters and Terry's young son go about getting the two adults together. Meanwhile, Zeus and Roxanne, Mary Beth's dolphin, strike up a unique friendship of their own. Showing up to provide drama is evil guy Claude (Vosloo), who is vying for the same grant as Mary Beth. Unlikely animal couple steals the show, and the story would have benefitted from focusing on the entertaining bond between those two and less on the human romance. Not much appeal for anyone over the age of nine. 98m/C VHS, DVD . Kathleen Quinlan, Steve Guttenberg, Arnold Vosloo, Miko Hughes, Dawn McMillan, Majandra Delfino; D: George Miller; W: Tom Benedek; C: David Connell; M: Bruce Rowland.

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Zeus and Roxanne

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