Yud, Nahum

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YUD, NAHUM (pseudonym of Nahum Yerusalimchik ; 1888–1966), Yiddish poet and fabulist. Born in Mogilev province (Belorussia), he received both a traditional and secular education. Although he wrote first in Russian, he subsequently turned to Yiddish while in Warsaw. His first Yiddish poems appeared in 1913 in the anthology Nisn, and he wrote for the periodical Haynt. When he immigrated to the U.S. in 1916, he was already known in many Yiddish journals, including Tsukunft, Tog, and Kinder Tsaytung, was a regular contributor to Forverts, and published in Fraynd and Der Groyser Kundes. Yud is especially known for his fables, anthologized in children's textbooks and other collections. His books include Fablen ("Fables," 1918), Lider ("Poems," 1924), and In Likhtike Minutn ("In Bright Moments," 1932).


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[Israel Ch. Biletzky /

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