Ximenes, Sir Morris

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XIMENES, SIR MORRIS (Moses ; c. 1762–1837), English magnate. Born in London, Xiemenes was a member of the Stock Exchange and made a fortune. In 1792 he was the leading spirit in an unsuccessful expedition, partly composed of and mainly supported by London Sephardim, for the colonization of the island of Bulama off the west African coast. In 1802 he declined to serve as warden of the Bevis Marks synagogue and was converted to Anglicanism. During the Peninsular War (1812–15) Xiimenes raised and commanded a brigade of War-grave Rangers. He acquired a country estate and built a mansion at Bear Place in Berkshire. Ximenes became a captain of militia, sheriff of Berkshire, and a knight. He is mentioned by name in Frederick Marryat's novel Olla Porida (1841) as the only well-known person in England whose name began with an "x." He was the brother of Sir David *Ximenes.


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