Wiener, Philip Paul

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WIENER, PHILIP PAUL (1905–1992), U.S. philosopher. Born in New York, Wiener taught at City College from 1933. He was a founder of the Journal of the History of Ideas (1940) and was its executive editor. In 1960 he became the vice president of the International Society for the History of Ideas, and in 1958–59 was the president of the Peirce Society. Wiener's interest was in examining the development of ideas in terms of their cultural connections and relationships.

He wrote Evolution and the Founders of Pragmatism (1949) and Readings in Philosophy and Science (1953); He edited works on the history and philosophy of science, on the history of ideas, and on C.S. Peirce, and translated works from the French. His edited works include Leibnitz Selections (1951); Roots of Scientific Thought (with A. Noland, 1957); Ideas in Cultural Perspective (with A. Noland, 1962); Charles S. Peirce: Selected Writings (1966); Renaissance Essays (with P. Kristeller, 1968); Basic Problems of Philosophy (et al., 1972); The Dictionary of the History of Ideas (1973); and Violence and Aggression in the History of Ideas (1974).

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