Wieniawski, Adam Tadeusz

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Wieniawski, Adam Tadeusz

Wieniawski, Adam Tadeusz, Polish composer and music educator, nephew of Henryk Wieniawski and Jozef Wieniawski; b. Warsaw, Nov. 27, 1879; d. Bydgoszcz, April 21, 1950. He studied in Warsaw with Melcer-Szczawiñski and Noskowski, then in Berlin with Bargiel, and in Paris with d’Indy, Fauré, and Gédalge. He fought in the French army during World War I. He returned to Warsaw in 1918 as a teacher at the Chopin School of Music, and was appointed its director in 1928.


dramatic: Opera: Megaië (1910; Warsaw, Dec. 28,1912); Zofka, comic opera (1923); Wyzwolony (The Freed Man; Warsaw, July 5, 1928); Król Kochanek (The King as Paramour), musical comedy (Warsaw, March 19, 1931). Ballet: Lalita (1922); Aktea w Jerozolimie (Actea in Jerusalem; Warsaw, June 4,1927). OTHER: Orch. pieces, including Bajec-zki (Tittle-tattle), sinfonietta, and 8 symphonic poems; chamber music; piano pieces; folk song arrangements.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire