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UDIM (Heb. אוּדִים), moshav in central Israel, 5 mi. (8 km.) S. of Netanyah, affiliated with Ha-Mo'aẓah ha-Ḥakla'it. Founded in 1948, Udim had 369 inhabitants in 1970 and 661 in 2002. The first settlers, from Poland and Hungary, were later joined by Israelis and immigrants mainly from Yemen and Iraq. Farming was based on irrigated citrus groves, vegetable gardens, and livestock. Other source of livelihood were from various retail outlets. The "Roman Breach" in a nearby sandstone ridge was once assumed to have been opened in the Roman period to provide an outlet for the waters in the Poleg swamp, but later archaeological investigation identified the breach as belonging to the fortification installations of a settlement dating from the Israelite period. The name, "Embers [i.e., Drawn from the Fire]," refers to the founders, who were survivors of the Holocaust.

[Efram Orni /

Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]