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Theologian at Paris after the middle of the 12th century, of whom nothing more is known than that he was the author of a Summa super Sententias Petri Lombardi, of great value for its treatment of some dogmatic questions. The Summa is not a commentary but a systematic work, a collection of quaestiones in four books, quoting, abbreviating, and elaborating upon the Lombard's work. It refers to a magister Odo (doubtless the chancellor of Paris, 116468) and borrows from the Glossae super Sententias of Pseudo-Peter of Poitiers. It was used in the Commentary on St. Paul's Epistles in manuscript Paris, Arsenal 534 (itself used by the Allegoriae super Novum Testamentum of Richard of Saint Victor), and at least 38 times by Peter of Poitiers in his Sententiae. Relative chronology suggests that the Summa, preserved in 15 manuscripts, be dated about 1165. An edition was in preparation in 1964.

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[j. n. garvin]