Trudpert, St.

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German solitary in the Black Forest; d. c. 643. In the first half of the 7th century he established a cell in the Münstertal (Breisgau) in the southern part of the Black Forest of Germany. According to tradition he was murdered by his servants; later the Benedictine monastery of Sankt Trudpert (dissolved 1806) rose on the site. The traditional date of Trudpert's death, 607, is based on a 13th-century calculation and is probably incorrect; he may have died c. 643. The surviving sources for his career, dating from the 10th century and later, mingle fact and legend; very little credence can be placed in the traditions that make him an Irishman, a brother of St. rupert of salzburg, and a relative of the Hapsburgs. His relics were elevated, i.e., his cult recognized, in 902.

Feast: April 26.

Bibliography: Passio Thrudperti, Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Scriptores rerum Merovingicarum (Berlin 1826) 4:352363. Beiträge zur Geschichte von Sankt Trudpert, ed. t. mayer (Freiburg 1937).

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