True Crime 1999

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True Crime ★★½ 1999 (R)

Eastwood, who directs and stars, does a good job developing his character Steve Ever ett, a flawed reporter who has boozed and womanized his way out of the top of his profession. He is given the assignment to interview death row inmate Frank Beachum (Washington), who is scheduled to die in 24 hours. Everett becomes convinced that Beachum is innocent, and the plot erodes into a trite race against time to save the innocent man. Clint shows his acting chops before the story deflates, however, and his fans will certainly enjoy this one. 127m/C VHS, DVD . Jack Kehler, Clint Eastwood, James Woods, Isaiah Washington IV, Denis Leary, Frances Fisher, Diane Venora, Mary McCormack, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Bernard Hill, Michael McKean, Michael Jeter, Hattie Winston, Laila Robins, Christine Ebersole, Anthony Zerbe, John Finn, Marissa Ribisi, Erik King, Graham Beckel, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Penny Rae Bridges; D: Clint Eastwood; W: Larry Gross, Paul Brickman, Stephen Schiff; C: Jack N. Green; M: Lennie Niehaus.