True Blue

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True Blue ★★ 2001 (R)

Rem Macy (Berenger) is supposed to be a seasoned NYPD detective. So why does he behave like a hormonally challenged rookie? He's investigating a severed hand found floating in a Central Park pond that turns out to belong to the roommate of Nikki (Heuring). Nikki begs protection from Macy and he lets her stay in his apartment—which the Hound is sure is standard police procedure. Naturally, this is a really dumb move. 101m/C VHS, DVD . Tom Berenger, Lori Heuring, Barry Newman, Pamela Gridley, Soon-Teck Oh, Richard Chevolleau, Leo Lee; D: J.S. Cardone; W: J.S. Cardone; C: Darko Suvak; M: Timothy S. (Tim) Jones. VIDEO