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The major article on the Holy Trinity is trinity, holy. It is immediately followed by trinity, holy (in the bible); trinity, holy, devotion to; trinity, holy, iconography of. Other articles take up particular concepts important in Trinitarian theology in general: per son, divine; person (in theology); nature; relations, trinitarian; processions, trinitarian; circumincession; properties, divine personal; acts, notional; appropriation; missions, divine. There are articles on god (father) (along with agennĒtos; pater nity, divine), god (son) (along with consubstantiali ty; filiation; generation of the word; logos; word, the), and god (holy spirit) (along with spiration). There is a special article on trinity, holy, controver sies on, as well as individual articles on subordination ism; modalism; patripassianism; filioque, etc. The above list does not include articles on God in general (for which see god, articles on); nor does the list include articles dealing with material ordinarily treated in Christology, for which see jesus christ, articles on.

[g. f. lanave]

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Trinity, Holy, Articles on

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Trinity, Holy, Articles on