Sperandea, St.

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Benedictine nun; b. Gubbio, Umbria, central Italy, c. 1216; d. Cingoli in the Marches, Sept. 11, 1276. She has no connection with either the Abbot St. Sperandeus (also a native of Gubbio) or the Congregation of St. Santuccia. For 10 years she wandered through central Italy preaching penance. She was especially renowned for her charity, piety, rigorous mortifications, and strict observance of the ascetic life. She restored the Benedictine convent of St. Michael (later St. Sperandia) at Cingoli in 1265 and served as abbess. Very shortly after her death, she became patron saint of Cingoli. Her body, buried there, long remained incorrupt; her cult was approved by john xxii in 1325.

Feast: Sept. 11.

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